Choosing the right diet for your pet can be a challenge with so many options available on the market!  The American Animal Hospital Association has compiled a list of important questions that should be asked to every food manufacturer.  Every bag of pet food should have a contact number where this information can be obtained.

1.  Do you have a veterinary nutritionist or some equivalent on staff in your company?

2.  Who formulates your diets, and what are their credentials?

3.  Which of your diet(s) are tested using AAFCO feeding trials, and which by nutrient analysis?

4.  What specific quality control measures do you use to assure the consistency and quality of your product line?

5.  Where are your diets produced and manufactured?  Can this plant be visited?

6.  Will you provide a complete product nutrient analysis of your best selling dog and cat food, including digestibility values?

7.  What is the caloric value per can or cup of your diets?

8.  What kinds of research on your products has been conducted, and are the results published in peer-reviewed journals?

From AAHA Nutritional Assessment Guidelines for Dogs & Cats, Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, Jul/Aug 2010, Vol. 46, pg.291.