Cold-weather tips for your pet!

By January 27, 2017 Uncategorized

Some cold weather tips to consider for your pet:

1)      Do not leave your dog outside unattended. The cold can affect our pets the same way it does us, potentially causing frostbite or hypothermia. Even short periods of exposure to the cold can cause a rapid decrease in our pet’s body temperature and affect their health and mobility.

2)      Check your dog’s feet after walks for pieces of salt or ice. Salt and ice can irritate, crack or cut your dog’s paws. Rising and drying their paws can be beneficial.

3)      Keep your pets away from cold drafts. Tiled and uncarpeted floors can also become very cold in the winter and give your pet a chill.

4)      Provide your dog with a coat or blanket, especially if they are small or less active.

5)      Do not leave your dog alone in the car. The same rule for summer applies to winter.

6)      Watch out for spilled antifreeze. The sweet smell and taste of antifreeze can tempt your dog but is deadly if consumed.

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