Rabies Baiting Continues in Hamilton

By August 15, 2016 Uncategorized

Baiting for rabies will start back up again mid-August in Hamilton, Burlington and the Golden Horseshoe area.  This is the third time the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has used the vaccine bait to control the rabies outbreak in Hamilton since December 2015.  The baits are khaki-green in colour and will be dropped by helicopter and twin-otter plane in addition to hand-baiting. They are considered safe in dogs and cats but are not a means of vaccination.  Routine vaccination of your pets should be maintained by your veterinarian.

As of August 4th 157 cases of rabies have been identified.  Approximately 1/3rd have been in found in skunks and 2/3rds in raccoons. 2 cases of rabies have also been identified in bats and 2 in foxes. Glanbrook and Lower East Hamilton have seen the most cases, followed by Ancaster, the Central Mountain and Stoney Creek.  It is estimated that it could take up to five years to eliminate the current outbreak.

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