First case of bat rabies in Hamilton!

By July 22, 2016 Uncategorized

The first case of rabies in a bat this year was confirmed July 15th.  Hamilton has already been dealing with a rabies outbreak in raccoons and skunks since this past winter. A second rabid bat has also been identified in Oakville.

Bat bites can be difficult to see and feel. Therefore it is recommended that anyone who comes in contact with a bat call public health immediately. This is also true for our animal companions, especially outdoor cats, as we will not be able to tell if they can had contact with a bat or not. Even indoors cats are at risk as bats can enter homes through chimneys, attics, open doors, etc. Please make sure to keep your pets and family safe by avoiding all wild animals. It is also important to keep your pets up to date on their rabies vaccination.

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