5th Rabid Raccoon found in Hamilton

By December 15, 2015 Uncategorized

A fifth raccoon has now tested positive for rabies.  This latest one was found in Cayuga.  The rabies strain has been the same in all 5 raccoons and has not been found in Ontario for 10 years before this.

Rabies is a deadly virus that can be transmitted to both pets and people. We would like stress how important it is to stay away from wild animals, especially raccoons, as they can carry both the rabies and distemper virus.  Distemper can also be transmitted to your pets. It is uncertain if people can become infected, but best practice is to keep your distance. The raccoon can also carry a bacteria called leptosporosis that can cause kidney failure in both pets and people.  As well, they spread a parasite called baylisascaris (raccoon roundworm).  The microscopic parasite egg is passed in the raccoon’s feces and survives in the environment for long periods of time.  People, especially children, and pets are susceptible.  The parasite can travel to the the eyes and brain and can be deadly.

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