Roundworm Infection May Have Caused a Young Woman’s Paralysis

By October 30, 2013 Uncategorized

Recently in the Hamilton Spectator there was an article about an amazing young woman in Hamilton’s General Hospital.  The woman, a veterinary technician, had become suddenly paralyzed while at work.  After may tests it is believed that her paralysis was caused by a roundworm (toxocara) infection in her spine.  Roundworms are one of the most common intestinal parasites found in pet dogs and cats.  Although infection in people is rare, it can happen!  We recommend that all pets receive regular deworming medication.  How often and what type of medication varies between animals depending on their species, age and lifestyle.  Many people are surprised to find out that even indoor cats should have routine deworming or fecal examinations to screen for infections.  We truly believe that prevention is the key to keeping your pet and your family happy and healthy.

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