New Research on Herbal Products

By October 23, 2013 Uncategorized

New research was conducted at the University of Guelph on herbal products which found that nearly 60 percent of the products tested contained plants that were not listed on the label.   One third of the products had plant substitutions and more than 20% of the products contained fillers such as rice, soy or wheat.  This article brings to light that natural health products are unfortunately not strictly regulated in Canada.  We think this information is important not only for our animal companions but for ourselves and our clients as well.  It is important to know that when we take these products or give them to our pets we don’t always know exactly what we are giving.  It can also be dangerous as some herbal products may be toxic, lead to allergic reactions or interfere with prescribed medications.  Please always inform your veterinarian of any natural health product your pet is taking.  Also keep in mind that there are natural health products available through your veterinarian that have been tested for efficacy and safety specifically for dogs and cats.

Please click here to read/view the article in the Global News