Bailey’s Vaccine Day

By January 29, 2013 Uncategorized

If you were in the clinic today and noticed that Bailey was sleeping a little more than usual in his comfy bed, it’s probably because he recieved his annual vaccinations.  Not to worry, he was still excited about going for his w-a-l-k and was happy to “dance” for a small piece of sweet red pepper at lunchtime (his favorite!)  In the past, Bailey has become sore and quiet for several days after recieving his vaccinations, so now we pre-treat him with a low dose of antihistamine and steroid and he feels much better!  We know it’s important that he stays up to date and safe from these infectious diseases!  He received his Distemper/Parvo combination, as well as a vaccination against Leptospirosis.  Leptospirosis is transmitted through the urine of wild animals, primarily skunks and raccoons in the city.  It is a bacterial infection and the bacteria likes to live in wet environments.  Dogs typically become infected with it if they drink from a puddle of stagnant water or chew on grass that a wild animal has urinated in.  They can also be infected if they groom their feet after walking through a contaminated area.  The disease causes very vague signs like decreased appetite, vomiting and lethargy – unfortuately the signs of so many other diseases!  It affects the liver and the kidneys, and is transmissible to people.  Good thing Bailey is protected!