Keeping your Pet Safe this Halloween

By October 30, 2012 Uncategorized

Since tomorrow is the big night for trick or treat-ers we thought we would offer a few tips on keeping pets safe.

– Keep pets indoors in a quiet room.  This way they won’t become frightened or become a target by Halloween pranksters.

– Keep Halloween candy away from your pet’s reach!  Remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats and that candy wrappers can be quite dangerous if ingested.

– Some pets become very excited or anxious when the doorbell rings.  We recommend keeping your pet in a room located far from the door and putting a radio or the TV on to distract them from what is going on at the front door.

– If you choose to dress your pet in a costume for Halloween, make sure they are at ease with it.  If your pet seems comfortable with wearing a costume, make sure it is not too tight, especially around the neck area.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!