• Nov 07 2014


    Tick-borne Diseases in Ontario – an emerging problem

    The doctors at Mountain Animal Hospital recently attended a lecture on Ticks and Tick-borne diseases in Ontario given by Professor Andrew S. Peregrine, parasitologist at Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Peregrine…

  • Oct 06 2014


    Cat Allergy Study at McMaster University

    Are you a cat lover suffering from swollen, itchy eyes and constant sneezing? McMaster University in conjunction with St. Joseph’s Healthcare and the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health are running a…

  • Aug 28 2014


    Parvovirus Outbreak in Ontario

    In light of some recent Parvovirus cases in the Hamilton area and the outbreak occurring in Cornwall, Ontario, we would like to remind owners about the importance of regular vaccination…

  • Mar 21 2014

    Default Image

    Radiology Rounds at OVC

    On Monday evening the veterinarians at Mountain Animal Hospital attended Veterinary Team Appreciation Rounds on the interpretation of radiographic images at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC). This session invited local…

  • Feb 11 2014


    Puppy and Kitten Health 101: Understanding your pet’s need for preventive care

    During your initial visit to the veterinarian with your puppy or kitten you may start to feel a little overwhelmed by the abundance of information you receive on vaccines, de-worming,…

  • Jan 23 2014

    beagle pup

    Congratulations Dr. Lootsma!

    We are happy to announce the safe arrival of Dr. Lootsma’s new baby. We wish her all the best in her maternity leave, though we will be eagerly awaiting her return…

  • Jan 06 2014


    Dr. Laidlaw’s maternity leave

    Congratulations to Dr. Laidlaw on the arrival of her baby and the beginning of her maternity leave.  We hope she has a wonderful time off, though she will be missed…

  • Nov 21 2013


    Learning More About PCR Testing

    The vets at  Mountain Animal Hospital attended a continuing education lecture offered through the Hamilton Academy of Veterinary Medicine on Tuesday night.  The lecture focused on PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing.  This…

  • Nov 21 2013

    Celine - feed me

    Rounds at the Ontario Veterinary College

    Dr. McKenzie recently attended a lecture at the Ontario Veterinary College on cat and dog eye disease.  The lecture was given by Dr. Pinard, a board certified veterinary opthalmologist who…

  • Nov 18 2013

    Aucmar Lady Feb3 09

    Cold Weather Tips for Your Pets

    Winter time can be lots of fun for you and your pet but there are some safety precautions to keep in mind before braving the cold. Cold weather affects dogs…

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