• Dec 08 2015


    Rabid raccoon in Hamilton

    There has been another report of rabies in Hamilton.  This time a raccoon that had been in contact with at least 4 people and 2 dogs has tested positive for…

  • Sep 25 2015


    “Hypoallergenic” dogs

    We thought we would share some information from an article that was recently published in the Hamilton Spectator about hypoallergenic dog breeds.  The author is a board certified allergist and…

  • Sep 23 2015


    Allergy season is here!

    The ragweed is out and with it comes coughing and sneezing.  For us, that is.  For the furry members in our family, allergies to pollens and weeds in the air…

  • Jul 16 2015


    Rabies and Distemper in Hamilton

    Unfortunately the rabies and distemper viruses are still present in Hamilton.  A Hamilton Spectator article from July 10th is warning Hamilton residents to be careful because another bat in Hamilton…

  • Jun 16 2015


    The Warm Weather is Finally Here!

    It’s so nice to finally be enjoying some heat after a long winter.  However, we have had a busy spring so far, as it seems the bugs are also happy…

  • Mar 03 2015


    Tick Talk

    Some the vets and staff at Mountain Animal Hospital recently attended a continuing education lecture to learn more about the emergence of ticks in Southern Ontario.  We were able to…

  • Feb 25 2015


    New Therapies for Treating Allergies in Dogs

    Last evening Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Laidlaw attended a seminar discussing new therapies for treating allergic skin disease in dogs.  Treatment of allergies in dogs is generally lifelong and many…

  • Dec 05 2014


    Leptospirosis in Ontario

    Doctors McKenzie and Lootsma recently attended a seminar on leptospirosis in Ontario.  Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that is spread by wild animals.  Nearly 1 in 2 skunks and 1…

  • Dec 05 2014

    orange kitten 2

    Feline House-Soiling

    Why do cats soil outside the litter box?  This can be a complex problem but there are ways to manage it!  It is important to remember that your cat does…

  • Nov 10 2014


    Holiday Season Pet Food Drive

    With the holiday season quickly approaching, Mountain Animal Hospital will again start accepting donations for our annual pet food drive. Last year we managed to raise just over 367 pounds of…

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