• Apr 01 2016


    Rabies vaccine baiting resumes

    Given skunks and raccoons are more active now that the weather is warmer, the Ministry of Natural Resources will resume the vaccine baiting.  Baits will be distributed by helicopter and…

  • Mar 29 2016


    Big jump in positive rabies cases in Hamilton

    Since December there have been 44 new rabies cases found around the Hamilton area.  19 of these have been skunks, while the rest have been raccoons.  Please make sure you…

  • Mar 04 2016


    Rabies found in Skunks

    Hamilton’s raccoon rabies outbreak has now expanded to include skunks.  In February, sixteen skunks tested positive for Rabies with the same strain of the virus that was found in the…

  • Feb 23 2016


    Yes it’s time to start tick prevention already!

    Over the last few years we have seen a steady increase in the number of ticks found on pets in Hamilton. At this point it is now no longer uncommon…

  • Jan 15 2016


    Three more cases of Raccoon Rabies

    The three new cases of raccoons that tested positive for Rabies were found outside the city of Hamilton, two in Caledonia and one south of Hagersville. Also of interest to…

  • Jan 08 2016


    Two more cases of Raccoon Rabies

    From the Hamilton Spectator: Two more raccoons have tested positive for Rabies in Hamilton, bringing the total number to 12.  The raccoons were found up on the Hamilton Mountain.  Fortunately,…

  • Jan 07 2016


    New Tapeworm in Ontario

    Since 2012 there have been 3 dogs in Southern Ontario diagnosed with Echinococcus multilocularis.  This is a very small tapeworm which has the potential to cause disease not only in pets…

  • Dec 18 2015


    Sixth raccoon tests positive for Rabies

    A sixth raccoon has tested positive for Rabies in the Hamilton area.  The raccoon was found near where a previously positive raccoon was picked up off Dickenson Raod ealier this…

  • Dec 15 2015


    5th Rabid Raccoon found in Hamilton

    A fifth raccoon has now tested positive for rabies.  This latest one was found in Cayuga.  The rabies strain has been the same in all 5 raccoons and has not…

  • Dec 10 2015


    More Rabies!

    An article in this morning’s Hamilton Spectator warned that 3 more raccoons in Hamilton have tested positive for rabies.  The tested raccoons were ones that were picked up dead on…

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