• Nov 22 2016


    Raw Food Diets

    With so many different pet foods on the market how do you make the right choice? Ensuring the diet you choose is complete, balanced and safe for you and your…

  • Nov 18 2016

    cat scratching


    Unfortunately the warm fall weather has not only been lovely for us but also lovely for the fleas. We have had quite a shocking number of animals come to us…

  • Sep 09 2016


    Rabid Fox Found in Glandbrook

    On September 1st the Hamilton confirmed its first case of rabies in a fox since 1994. Luckily no people had been exposed to the fox.  It is currently unknown if…

  • Aug 30 2016


    Cat Diagnosed with Rabies in Hamilton – First rabid domestic animal in Hamilton in over 20 years!

    Last week a stray cat from rural Ancaster tested positive for rabies.  This marks the first case of rabies in a domestic animal in over 2 decades.  A Caledonia man…

  • Aug 15 2016


    Rabies Baiting Continues in Hamilton

    Baiting for rabies will start back up again mid-August in Hamilton, Burlington and the Golden Horseshoe area.  This is the third time the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has used…

  • Jul 22 2016


    First case of bat rabies in Hamilton!

    The first case of rabies in a bat this year was confirmed July 15th.  Hamilton has already been dealing with a rabies outbreak in raccoons and skunks since this past…

  • Jul 21 2016


    Illnesses that can affect both you and your pet

    Animals are wonderful companions; however pet owners should be aware of illnesses that affect both humans and animals alike. It is important to be aware of such illnesses in order…

  • Jul 14 2016

    Noah Life Jacket

    Going to the cottage this weekend? Make it a safe one for your pet!

    Spending the weekend with your canine companion in the sun and water is a great way to have fun and stay active whether on the beach, dock or boat.  However,…

  • Jun 10 2016


    Rabies Baiting Update

    A recent article in the Hamilton Spectator reveals the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s plan to test the efficacy of the rabies vaccine. More than 800,000 baits containing the…

  • Jun 08 2016


    A Local Update on Lyme Disease

    There have been a few articles recently in the Hamilton Spectator discussing Lyme disease in the area.  One of the articles discusses a small but interesting study done that collected…

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